Senior Groups Support Medicare Reductions

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Multiple senior groups counter Senate bill opposition by physician groups

December 3, 2009 -- Yesterday three of the leading senior groups that defend Medicare beneficiaries came out in support of the Senate health reform legislation.

The same bill has drawn fire from several physician groups over cuts to Medicare. But AARP, the nation's most influential senior group, backs the Democrat's bill in the Senate.

This from the Associate Press:

Neal Rendleman Lands in Ashland

The Lund Report

Dr. Neal Rendleman, the founder of Old Town Clinic in Portland, is now the interim medical director of Ashland Hospice and Palliative Care. He’s also on the staff of the Ashland Center of Internal Medicine, doing mostly geriatric care.

Wyden Pushes Back Against Baucus Plan

The Lund Report
In the week after Sen. Max Baucus released a draft plan based on the notorious "Gang of Six," Sen. Ron Wyden pens an op-ed and appears on NPR

September 21, 2009 -- Although Sen. Ron Wyden sits on the powerful Senate Finance Committee, he's been virtually shut out of discussions in that committee, which so far have centered on the "Gang of Six," three Democrats and three Republicans. Late last week Wyden expressed his discontent with the bill so far.

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