Thacher Schmid

Part I: Our Frozen Dead: Hypothermic ‘Domicile Unknown’ Deaths

A growing number of deaths the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office investigates are among people experiencing homelessness.

When Michael Jensen was found dead in his tent, his feet were sticking out of the tent, and he was lying on his right side “with his hands up under his chin like he was cold,” a homeless outreach worker said.

Homelessness Compounds Health Challenges for Transgender Portlanders

A lack of data has led to funding cuts for some programs that otherwise might support these individuals, while others -- such as OHSU -- seek to boost their offerings.

In her 31 years, Willow Paloma has had many identities: train-hopping hobo, Buddhist, activist, herbalist, self-described “crusty punk” and “queer separatist.”

But one part of her identity never changed, even while raised as a male.

She’s female.

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