Stephen Gregg

Making Sense Out of Medicare Billed Charges Nearly Impossible

The author calls attention to these pricing distortions.

OPINION -- I am on Medicare and was having an elective colonoscopy soon. Always having an interest in the distorted pricing practices of providers, I asked several questions -- How much will you be billing me for this procedure? And, how much will Medicare be paying as full reimbursement?

What’s Wrong with Healthcare Reform

Steve Gregg suggests that we follow the money and look at the politically and proprietary powerful healthcare system as a starting place, followed by a conflicted public sector that looks as healthcare as a remaining opportunity for growth.


Positioning for Success

The Lund Report
Why health reform is exposed to another cycle of failure
April 21, 2010 -- A recent article  about efforts to rein in Medicare costs through the newly formed Independent Payment Advisory Board is an interesting article in that it hints at the nature of the h

Proposed Reform Leaves Unanswered Questions

In the runup to reform, here's a list of several questions Congress is forgetting

August 7, 2009 -- If we are to have a regulatory bend to our health policy and believe this is the road to controlling costs, then why are we not discussing the following:

A Case for the Public Plan Option

What is the industry afraid of?

May 28, 2009 -- We appear to be closing in on the next generation of health care reform with expectations of action by Congress as early as this summer. One of the most contentious questions is whether the introduction of a new government run, public plan should be included. Would this be the mother of all unfunded entitlements?

My Dream Health Plan

A former hospital and health plan leader calls for individual responsibility
Perhaps we’re on the edge of significant change. Indeed we’ve reached a tipping point where anything must be better than this.
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