Scott Moore

House Passes Bill Protecting Transgender Oregonians

HB 2673 streamlines the process for changing name, gender on vital records

The Oregon House today passed House Bill 2673, which streamlines and makes private the process to update name and gender on personal vital records for transgender individuals.

Oregon House Votes to Expand Access to Birth Control

HB 2879 would allow pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives

The Oregon House today voted 50-10 to approve House Bill 2879, which will allow pharmacists to prescribe and dispense hormonal contraceptives and birth control pills, greatly increasing access.

Bill Keeping E-Cigarettes from Kids Signed into Law

HB 2546 bans the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors

Rep. Kathleen Taylor (D-Milwaukie) today applauded Gov. Kate Brown for signing House Bill 2546 into law. The bill, which passed overwhelmingly in both the House and Senate, bans the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and applies the Indoor Clean Air Act to e-cigarettes.

Vulnerable Patients to Get Increased Privacy Protection

House passes HB 2758 to shield privacy of at-risk insurance consumers

Oregonians seeking sensitive medical treatment would have the ability to seek further privacy protections in insurance communications through a bill that passed the House 34-25 this morning.

House Votes to Improve Contractor Accountability

HB 2375 will improve oversight of taxpayer-funded contracts

Recent high-profile issues have revealed a need for better accountability of contracts and projects funded by taxpayer dollars. House Bill 2375 will improve oversight of these big contracts, ensuring more efficient and transparent use of public funds.

House Paves the Way to Cover All Kids

HB 3517 fixes Oregon statutes to provide health coverage to more children

More children in Oregon could be protected under medical care coverage from the Oregon Health Authority with the passage in the House of House Bill 3517.


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