Samuel Metz

Opinion: Measure 106 Is A Bad Bill

It would make abortion unaffordable for women, causing more unwanted children in Oregon.

Measure 106 is bad for Oregon. It does more than make abortion unaffordable for hundreds of thousands of women in Oregon. It is unaffordable for the taxpayers who vote for it.

Rural Healthcare in Oregon: Not big city medicine

Rural Oregonians suffer shorter life expectancies, higher death rates from chronic diseases, and poorer access to healthcare than Oregonians in urban areas. Some rural areas in Oregon have no health providers at all. What makes healthcare so challenging in rural Oregon?

Single Payer Healthcare Study Isn't Dead

The author contends that the necessary funding, $200,000, will be raised to conduct the study, but he anticipates asking the 2015 Legislature to extend the completion deadline.

OPINION – Thank you for your article on State Senator Michael Dembrow’s HB 3260 study of healthcare financing in Oregon. I would like to elaborate on my comments quoted in the article.

We anticipate the study will be funded and underway when the February 2015 legislative session convenes, but it is unlikely to be complete. Therefore, we plan to ask the legislature to extend the completion deadline. We expect little opposition to this proposal.

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