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Medicare’s 1966 Glitch-Free Rollout a Sharp Contrast with Obamacare: Health Affairs Blog

The Lund Report
CUNY researchers say new health law’s ‘contortions to appease private insurers’ have resulted in costly complexity, with enrollment price tag alone exceeding Medicare’s by nearly 700 percent

An article published today at the Health Affairs blog compares the costly and chaotic rollout the Affordable Care Act to the efficient 1966 implementation of Medicare.

Private insurers have cost Medicare $282.6 billion in excess payments since 1985

The Lund Report
Researchers say privately run Medicare Advantage plans have undermined traditional Medicare’s fiscal health and taken a heavy toll on taxpayers, seniors and the U.S. economy

October 15, 2012 -- In the first study of its kind, a group of health policy experts has determined the amount of money that Medicare has overpaid private insurance companies under the Medicare Advantage program and its predecessors over the past 27 years and come up with a startling figure: $282.6 billion in excess payments, most of them over the past eight years.

That’s wasted money that should have been spent on improving patient care, shoring up Medicare’s trust fund or reducing the federal deficit, the researchers say.

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