Paul DeMuro

The Pharmacist's Increasing Role in Moving Toward Greater Quality Care in a More Cost Effective Manner

The role of pharmacy professionals is expanding and their importance in the management of the health of patients, particularly in the evolving models where payment is made for quality and cost-effectiveness, will be a key driver in reducing the overall cost of drugs and healthcare.

OPINION -- One cannot help but read or hear about how the costs of drugs are going up and are becoming a greater percentage of the costs of treating patients.

Predictive Analytics—The Future of Health Care?

Many industries and organizations mine their data and employ predictive analytics to provide better services and to enhance their bottom lines.

One of the basic elements necessary for good predictive analytics is quality, clean data. It is often said that data analytics is only as good as the data that an entity seeks to analyze and the form in which it exists.

Health Care’s Lack Of Transparency

The Question Is – Are We Risking Our Life When We Go Into The Hospital?

OPINION -- I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and ‎Associate Professor of Health Policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, a number of weeks ‎ago in New York City. 

Keeping Our Health Information Secure from Data Breaches

Paul DeMuro contends that we all should be vigilant about unattended or misplaced portable ‎devices, whether they be phones, laptops, or whatever

OPINION -- ‎It seems like almost weekly we read about a data breach. Some data breaches reach the media because they ‎involve breaches affecting 500 people or more and are required to be reported on a government ‎website.

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