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Passion for HIV Prevention Begins Women's Group

The Lund Report
Jacki Gethner started Women of a Certain Age to educate women age 50 and over infected by HIV/AIDs
December 15, 2010 -- When Jacki Gethner's girlfriend was diagnosed with HIV in the late 1980's, many doctors were focused on health issues around gay men.

Healthcare Workers Need to Have Flu Vaccinations

The Lund Report
A work group is attempting to increase the number of workers getting the flu vaccine with a voluntary program
November 12, 2010 -- Despite the fact that 1,316 Oregonians were hospitalized and 67 died of influenza-related illnesses last year, Oregon healthcare workers are still falling behind when it comes to vaccinating themselves for the flu.

A survey of hospitals last year revealed only about 62 percent of healthcare workers in Oregon got a flu vaccine.A statewide workgroup hopes to boost that number and encourage workers to immunize themselves against the seasonal illness.

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