Mike Leahy

Our Country Comes Up Short on Life Expectancy

The Lund Report
We need to invest in cost-effective prevention, and stop allowing insurers to make profits by denying claims
September 28, 2010 -- The United States does not appear to have the best practice outcomes on some important figures such as life expectancy at birth for males or females, health life expectancy or death rates for children under the age of 5, according to some basic statistics from the

Let Cool Heads Prevail

Europen and Asian leaders see an otherwise great country struggling to do what most of the developed world has already done – make basic healthcare a right

July 30, 2009 -- Why are we still not able to reform our healthcare system so all Americans have reasonable access to evidence-based prevention and public health measures and services that will actually improve our longevity, our health and our economy? 

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