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Healthcare Remains the 2012 Election Riddle

The Lund Report
Healthcare costs are the primary driver of the federal budget deficit. Congressional Budget Office projections for 2020 show that healthcare spending will consume more than 27 percent of federal budget.

OPINION: January 9, 2012 -- This election ought to be about one issue, a referendum on health care reform.

Republicans Can’t Touch Medicaid or Children’s Health

The Lund Report
That should also apply to the Indian Health Service since Congress doesn’t have to appropriate those dollars

January 25, 2011 -- Journalists like me have played the role of Chicken Little for many years. We have written dozens of stories about the consequences of an election, predicting what will happen after Republicans win and fulfill their promises to drastically cut government.

Governance Missing From Health Reform Picture

The Lund Report
As we talk about health care: Substitute “either, or” for “if … then”
July 21, 2010 -- What’s the most important element missing from our national conversation about health care reform? I’ll boil it down to one word, governance.

Finding Consensus at Blair House

The Lund Report
Among complicated sticking points to iron out, there's the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
February 22, 2010 -- President Barack Obama is hosting a health care summit Thursday at the Blair House. It will be televised live. We can all watch and judge the proposals for ourselves.

The Debate that Drags On and On

The Lund Report
If the Indian Health Care Improvement Act is any indication, the debate has just begun

October 27, 2009 -- How long will the health care reform debate drag on? The Hill newspaper says “deep into December and possibly beyond by a lengthy floor debate.”

If that seems like a long time, consider that the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act has been pending since 1999.

Last week hearings were held in the U.S. House of Representatives to move that legislation forward. Again.


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