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AMA Launches Multi-State Effort to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

As part of ongoing work to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes nationwide, AMA collaborates with eight additional states to reach more of the estimated 84 million Americans who unknowingly live with prediabetes

CHICAGO – As National Diabetes Awareness Month gets underway, the American Medical Association (AMA) today announced a multi-state effort aimed at reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes nationwide.

AMA Continues Efforts to Expand Funding for Graduate Medical Education to Address Physician Shortages

About the AMA The American Medical Association is the premier national organization providing timely, essential resources to empower physicians, residents and medical students to succeed at every phase of their medical lives. Physicians have entrusted the AMA to advance the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health on behalf of patients for more than 170 years. For more information, visit

CHICAGO – Continuing its efforts to ensure patients have access to an adequate physician workforce, the AMA today adopted policy aimed at making sure there is sufficient funding for medical residency positions.

AMA Encourages Training in Telemedicine for Medical Students and Residents

New policy builds upon the AMA’s efforts to create the medical school of the future

CHICAGO – Recognizing that formalized training in telemedicine is not widely offered to physicians-in-training, the American Medical Association (AMA) today adopted policy during its Annual Meeting aimed at ensuring medical students and residents learn how to use telemedicine in clinical practice

AMA Continues Innovative Initiative to Reshape Medical Education at Nation's Medical Schools

Leaders and students from top medical schools convene at Oregon Health & Science University to expand efforts to reshape medical education nationwide as the first class of OHSU medical students gets ready to complete their first year of coursework in the newly implemented YOUR M.D. curriculum

PORTLAND, Ore. – Students at leading medical schools across the country will soon be among the first to complete newly implemented curricula developed in conjunction with the American Medical Association's (AMA) innovative work with 11 of the nation's top medical schools to reshape medical educat

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