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Public Transit in Southern Oregon Fosters Self-sufficiency

Rogue Valley Transportation District provides affordable transportation to those in need.

Providing access to affordable transportation in rural areas, particularly for low-income workers, the elderly, and those with disabilities, is no easy task. It requires coordination, partnership, and significant financial investment.

Bikeshare Program Takes Healthcare in New Route

The CCO in Corvallis worked with government officials and local businesses to create this innovative program.

The Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments, in partnership with theIntercommunity Heath Network Coordinated Care Organization has launched “Pedal Corvallis,” a community bikeshare program to help Medicaid members reach their medical appointments.

Woodburn Strives to Create Healthier Community

The endeavor is being spearheaded by the Marion County Health Department with a generous grant from Kaiser Permanente.

Eliminating obesity and chronic health issues is an optimum outcome of any public health effort. But a community’s health is more than the absence of disease or life-threatening conditions. The U.S.

Focusing on Quality: CCOs Embrace Shift to Alternative Payment Methodologies

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AllCare, Eastern Oregon CCO and InterCommunity Health Network already have models in place.

Healthcare transformation in Oregon and across the country has involved change on everyone’s part; customers, providers and insurance companies are thinking differently about healthcare costs, delivery and outcomes.

Umpqua Health Alliance Challenges Members to Live Healthier Lives

The Alliance has teamed up with the local YMCA to offer members a comprehensive health assessment, weekly group fitness classes and nutritional and motivational workshops.

Affecting real change in health status and spending resources requires more than access to affordable care or a making certain everyone has a primary care physician.


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