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Employers Lead in Designing Insurance

Under the plan, patients would pay more for low back surgery

May 6, 2009 -- Large employers could get a break in their insurance rates next January under a plan being designed by a health leadership task force.

Colorado Enacts Hospital Tax

Colorado expects to draw down $600 million in federal matching funds
April 30, 2009 -- If Oregon lawmakers are successful in imposing a hospital tax to draw down federal stimulus money, they won’t be able to pride themselves on being first. The new tax would expand the Oregon Health Plan to cover another 180,000 children and adults.

Regence Loses Major Public Employee Contract

Regence, which has insured state employees for 20 years, acknowledges losing the heart of its business

April 23, 2009 -- Regence BlueCross BlueShield has suffered a major defeat, losing a statewide contract worth millions of dollars to Providence Health Plans.

Oregon Docs to Vote on Single-Payer

For the first time, Oregon doctors will consider a single-payer option as one way to achieve health reform

April 30, 2009 -- Advocates of a single-payer healthcare system believe it’s time for organized medicine to take a decisive stand. When the Oregon Medical Association held its annual meeting in Eugene on April 25-26, physicians hotly debated the issue. A ballot will be mailed to its 350 voting members with a decision anticipated in the coming month.

CMS to Reduce Medicare Advantage Payments

Providence Health Plan CEO says "everyone will share in the pain."

April 15, 2009 -- Seniors who belong to Medicare Advantage plans may be charged higher premiums and receive fewer benefits next January. This comes on the heels of an announcement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which intends to reduce payments to managed care plans.

OSPIRG Takes on Premium Spikes

Can insurance rate regulation overcome the industry's high-powered lobbying efforts?

April 15, 2009 -- The Oregon insurance industry faces a showdown from consumer advocacy groups, small businesses and unions that want stronger regulation of premium increases.

Discovering Healthcare in Ethiopia

After breaking her pelvis in a car accident, fortunes turn in the remote Ethiopian countryside

Those who know my work as an investigative journalist may wonder why it’s taken me so long to resume my career. Few of you know about the near tragedy that almost ended my life.

Legislators Meet Behind Closed Doors to Settle Tax

Whichever way it gets diced, legislators are confident they can raise taxes to expand the Oregon Health Plan

April 9, 2009 -- The battle is heating up over a proposed tax that would require hospitals and health insurers to pay for an expansion of the Oregon Health Plan.


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