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Medical Liability Task Force Created

The Lund Report
Unlike previous discussions of this contentious topic, no one raised an objection
January 14, 2010 -- Dr. Chuck Hofmann was right all along. He adamantly believed that the newly formed Oregon Health Policy Board needed to create a task force to investigate Oregon’s medical liability system.

The Lund Report Needs Your Support

The Lund Report
Together we can create a better healthcare system

November 12, 2009 -- I’m passionate about telling the truth about our healthcare system, and I’m not afraid of stepping on big toes. That’s why I created The Lund Report.

Insurance Division Fines Regence

The Lund Report
400 employees face layoffs by the state’s largest insurer

November 12, 2009 -- Regence BlueCross BlueShield officials are in a world of hurt these days. Not only will the state’s largest health insurer lose 103,000 members to Providence Health Plan in January, but the Oregon Insurance Division has fined the company $5,000 for failing to provide information in a timely manner.

Controlling Costs Rests on Hospitals

The Lund Report
Oregon hospitals made more than $325 million in profit last year, down from 2007

November 4, 2009 -- With health reform dominating the headlines, everyone’s poised on keeping costs under control. Dr. Chuck Kilo, CEO of Greenfield Health, knows one of the major culprits -- non-profit hospitals in Oregon. They’re making significant amounts of money, and are extremely profitable.

Oregon Insurance Execs Dismiss Public Option

The Lund Report
CEOs pin their hopes on value-based health plans that debut next year

 October 27, 2009 -- The public option debated in Congress won’t gain any traction with Oregon’s insurance executives who keep comparing the proposal to traditional Medicare, claiming it’s a broken system in need of serious repair.

Union Rules Own Takeover Legit Despite Federal Probe

The Lund Report
U.S. Department of Labor has final say based on a formal complaint

October 21, 2009 -- The American Federation of Teachers is maintaining its grip on the 3,000 nurses and health professionals who work for Kaiser Permanente and Providence Milwaukie Hospital following a four-month investigation.


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