Diane Lund-Muzikant and Chris Gray

Moda’s Financial Downfall Began Months Ago

Now the partnership between OHSU and Moda could be at stake.

Moda Health’s spiral downward began long before the Oregon Insurance Division stepped into the picture earlier this week. The insurer actually started showing signs of distress last summer with mounting claims and few dollars to pay providers.

“Everyone was wondering when the Insurance Division was going to do something; these guys didn’t have any capital left. What’s going on now could close them down,” a confidential source told The Lund Report.

Health Republic Closing its Doors

The co-operative, created following the inception of the Affordable Care Act, said the $20 million loss from the risk corridor program led to its decision.

Health Republic Insurance is going out of business and will no longer offer small group or individual plans on or off exchange in 2016.

Salem Chamber of Commerce Joins Fight to Block Bus Service

The Salem-Keizer Transit District is asking voters to approve a payroll tax so it can offer night-time and weekend service.

As Salem Health leads the fight to kill a payroll tax for weekend bus service in and around Oregon’s capital city, it has the backing of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, which has argued that it puts the payment for transit service on the backs of small business.

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