Carol Cruzan Morton

Mental Health Justice Under Scrutiny

A year-long project will explore Oregon’s approach to mental illness and crime.

Why was a dangerous person freed from custody to murder again?

Working With the Brain's Wall

A blood-brain barrier meeting features a way to reduce cancer drug toxicity in kids, plus the latest on brain imaging controversies.

The latest word on a common medical imaging agent made infamous in a pending lawsuit by actor Chuck Norris, an experimental iron-based imaging agent that gives eye-popping detail of blood vessels in the brain, and a new tumor treatment helper that can prevent hearing loss in kids treated for canc

A Prescription for Therapeutic Justice

At a time when a third of Oregon prisoners have mental health needs, activists and leaders are looking at alternatives to jail for intervention and treatment for serious mental illness.

In Oregon and other states, mental illness and addiction may land you in jail, or worse.

Inside Oregon's Science Pub Phenomenon

Image of two pints of beer
Science talks mixed with alcohol are giving Oregonians across the state direct access to researchers and other experts.

A robot walks into a bar. So do nearly 200 people. In fact, it’s standing-room only for a talk about human-robot interactions by an Oregon State University computer science professor on a dank January night.

Supreme Court to Rule on Oregonian Request for List of People Who Want to Sue OHSU

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Hospital and health systems face big penalties if they do not comply with the privacy and security standards of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). So it may be astonishing to learn that the federal Privacy Rule does not apply to public records requests to Oregon public healthcare institutions, at least for now.

State Sunshine Laws Promise More Transparency

Despite these reforms, specific transparency efforts in healthcare have had more mixed results.

Ordinarily, a person’s medical records ought to be off limits to the public. On that, everyone agrees: The journalist who requested them, the state agencies who fought to keep them confidential, and the Oregon deputy attorney general (AG) who ordered the most relevant records disclosed, explaining: “This is a unique case.”

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