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Community Health Worker Training Emphasizes “Popular Education” Model

The Lund Report
Graduates have gone on to work in clinics and for community-based organizations – and have come back to teach

Twenty-five people are currently receiving training in community health work – the second training offered as part of the Urban League's We Are Health Movement, which has created a community health worker curriculum tailored specifically to working with African-Americans.

Traditional Healthcare Workers Join CCO Movement

The Lund Report
This work force is intended to help people lead healthier lives, as well as save money

July 1, 2013—Traditional health workers and their impact on Oregon’s healthcare system, particularly the Oregon Health Plan, were the subject of an all-day conference sponsored by Acumentra Health last week.

Latino Health Coalition Wants Traditional Health Worker Commission

The Lund Report
The commission would have a majority membership of health workers to set standards for these workers who are touted as a key part of Oregon’s healthcare delivery transformation


April 8, 2013 -- A patient came into a Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Clinic with diabetes, but try as the doctor might, the patient would not take the insulin that she was prescribed.

Enter: A community health worker.

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