Senate Health Committee

Oregon Moves Towards Opening Telemedicine to People’s Homes

SB 144 requires health insurance companies to pay for medical and mental health visits provided by two-way video chat, regardless of setting. Supporters of the bill, including Providence and ZoomCare, were able to thwart a last-ditch effort by Regence and Health Net to delay the law; if passed, it takes effect in January.

The Senate Health Committee sent a bill to the floor Wednesday to move telemedicine services beyond the clinic or hospital setting to a client or patient’s home with unanimous, bipartisan support.

Telehealth Visits in Patient Homes in Good Shape for 2015 Session

A bill headed for the Senate Health Committee would require insurance companies to pay for services from physicians that are conducted via a two-way Internet video conference to the patient’s home computer. Hospitals and most insurance companies appear on board after killing a similar 2014 bill. that was pushed by ZoomCare.

Healthcare consumers could soon be able to meet with their doctor or nurse practitioner via two-way Internet video conference from the comfort of their homes, if a legislative recommendation becomes law next year.


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