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Republican Pushes for Ballot Referendum on Oregon Health Plan Funding Deal

Rep. Julie Parrish is threatening to derail the provider tax, which was negotiated behind closed doors with the healthcare industry, requiring it to come up with most of the state’s matching funds to draw down federal money to support the Oregon Health Plan -- and continue a critical flow of money to hospitals.

Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, is threatening a ballot referendum to overturn the new funding mechanism for the Oregon Health Plan, saying she doesn’t support taxes on health insurance, although she did support an insurance tax just four years ago.

No Need for Provider Tax on Developmental Disability Programs

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The Legislature restored funding to these programs, erasing concern about a 4 percent cut

March 21, 2012—People who provide services to the developmentally disabled were willing to pay a provider tax out of their own pockets in order to receive federal matching dollars, but such a tax ended up being unnecessary.

They made the attempt after learning about a 4 percent reduction that would have been imposed in April, and had already seen a 6 percent cut in programs last October.

Hospital Association Raises Objections to New Provider Tax

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The hospitals are also upset over Senate Bill 204, which passed the House yesterday and gives the Oregon Health Authority the ability to lower outpatient rates based on Medicare payment methodologies

June 3, 2011 -- Legislators have reached a decision on increasing the hospital tax to ward off deep cuts to the Oregon Health Plan, but the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems insists the new tax will negatively impact them. Their leaders even protested to Governor Kitzhaber, but were rebuffed.

Hospital Provider Tax Could Temper OHP Cuts

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Talks begin with hospitals to increase tax to draw down more federal dollars
April 7, 2011 -- Discussions are expected to begin next week on a plan to increase the hospital provider tax as a way to reduce the proposed 19 percent reimbursement cuts to the Oregon Health Plan.

Hospital Provider Tax Called Into Question

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What happened to a $2.8 million withhold account held by the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems in 2007?
February 17, 2011 -- A provider tax imposed on hospitals has helped keep the Oregon Health Plan afloat since July 2004. 
Their dollars -- $386 million – have been matched with federal funds -- $852 million – representing $1.2 billion over the past six years.

Petition Drive Begins to Repeal 1 Percent Insurance Tax

If successful, voters would decide in 2010 whether to repeal a tax on insurance companies to subsidize low income adults and children

August 7, 2009 -- Two men from Grants Pass have started gathering signatures to refer the 1 percent health insurance tax to voters. They filed petitions with the Secretary of State’s office after Governor Kulongoski signed into law House Bill 2116 earlier this week.

Greenlick Concedes Lawmakers Punted Tough Questions

Leading reformist gets praise yet disappointment for what legislature left out of critical reform

July 23, 2009 -- Oregon's Legislature "avoided all of the hard questions" when it dealt with healthcare reform, according to Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland), who spoke to a group of health reform advocates earlier in the week. 

Insurance Tax Cost Shift All But Certain

New tax to expand coverage to children and low-income adults will have everyone paying higher premiums

July 15, 2009 -- Employers will definitely feel the pain of an insurance tax that will help raise more than $115 billion to cover 115,000 uninsured children and low-income adults in Oregon over the next four years.

Provider Tax is Settled for Good

After weeks of anticipation, legislators agree to tax hospitals and insurers

May 28, 2009 -- Uninsured Oregonians can rejoice. Legislative leaders reached agreement on a hospital and health insurance tax to cover 140,000 Oregonians.  Together their dollars will result in $2 billion in federal matching funds over the next four years and create an estimated 3,600 new healthcare jobs.


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