Beyond Toxics Takes Pesticide Fight to the CDC and the EPA

The group is concerned about an aerial spraying in Gold Beach they believe sickened 24 people – and is fighting for tighter restrictions on chemicals in toys and, pesticides linked to the decline of bee populations

Beyond Toxics – the 14-year-old advocacy group that fights for increased disclosure of dangerous chemicals in consumer products – is looking at 2014 with a broadened focus and a fight they've taken to the federal government.


Portland Neighborhoods Seek to Become Pesticide-Free

The Lund Report
A recent policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics motivates local efforts while Oregon’s Legislature failed to take action on a Toxics Disclosure for Healthy Kids Act.

July 23, 2013—The more Mulysa Melco noticed the amount of Round Up, pesticides and herbicides used by the garden center where she worked as a landscape designer, the more worried she became about those pesticide’s health and environmental effects.

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