Paul DeMuro

Keeping Our Health Information Secure from Data Breaches

Paul DeMuro contends that we all should be vigilant about unattended or misplaced portable ‎devices, whether they be phones, laptops, or whatever

OPINION -- ‎It seems like almost weekly we read about a data breach. Some data breaches reach the media because they ‎involve breaches affecting 500 people or more and are required to be reported on a government ‎website.

What Interoperable EHRs Might Have Done to Improve the Patient Care Experience

The author insists that patient-centered patient care cannot be realized without Interoperable EHRs shared by all the stakeholders and providers

OPINION – January 30, 2013 -- You will recall in my article last December, about my healthcare experience outside of Oregon, that both the ear doctor and the neurosurgeon professed to have electronic health records (EHRs).

The ear doctor advised that he was using the aircraft control type headset to dictate into my medical record, by pushing the button in his ear.

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