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Legislature Increases the Role of Physician Assistants

The Lund Report
Now physician assistants can be supervised by a panel of physicians that are regulated by the Oregon Medical Board
January 20, 2011 -- Physician assistants (PAs) can now play a larger role in primary care, thanks to legislation passed during the 2010 legislative special session (House Bill 3642), which is being heralded by physicians and the co-founder of a Portland chain of neighborhood healthcare clinics.

Soda Tax on the Menu for Oregon Legislature

The Lund Report
Advocates likely face intense lobbying pressure from the soda industry if the bill even gets a chance
January 19, 2011 – Oregon public health advocates want the legislature to consider a new tax on soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages that would generate around $100 million annually.

Physician Assistants Try to Gain Leverage with Legislators

The Lund Report
Proposed legislation would change the licensing process, placing more responsibility in the hands of the supervising physician
January 13, 2011 -- The Oregon Society of Physician Assistants has prepared legislation to change the licensure process by placing more responsibility in the hands of the PA’s supervising physician and less on the judgment of the Oregon Medical Board.

Oral Health Advocates Say Dental Therapists Could Ease Shortages

The Lund Report
The Oregon Dental Association remains skeptical about such an approach
December 20, 2010 -- Oral health advocates, bolstered by favorable national reports on dental therapists, told legislators that training and deploying mid-level providers could help ease the shortage of providers. But the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) remains skeptical of any legislation to c

State Officials to Release New Forecast on Junction City Hospital

The Lund Report
That forecast, which will be released in mid-December, is expected to show whether there’s a need for another state mental hospital
November 30, 2010 --As criticism mounts over building another mental hospital in Junction City, Richard Harris, assistant director of the state’s Addictions and Mental Health Division, is preparing a re-forecasting report that’s expected to reveal whether such a facility is still needed.

Legislators Could Save Money by Halting New State Hospital

The Lund Report
Taking care of mentally ill people in community settings not only reduces costs but can create more jobs, according to advocates
November 30, 2010 -- Before embarking on the construction of a $180 million state mental hospital in Junction City, legislators may want to heed the advice of Kevin Campbell.


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