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Oregon Embarks on Public Health Plan Option

The Lund Report
More questions than answers surround the creation of a statewide public option and health insurance exchange
August 11, 2010 -- Those who fought so hard for a publicly-owned health insurance option during much of 2009, only to be dismissed by Congress, may see their dreams realized at least in Oregon by 2014.

PEBB Deadlocks Over $34 Million Hole

The Lund Report
Medical costs for state employees expected to increase 9.9 percent next year
June 24, 2010 – A $34 million hole for rising medical costs next year continues to perplex labor and management officials who found themselves at odds yesterday.

"Quit Smoking" Programs Reduce Premiums

The Lund Report
How a new law requiring insurers to boost smoking cessation benefits is a win-win for everyone, that is, if they know about it
May 26, 2010 -- A months-old Oregon law that requires health insurers to offer benefits encouraging people to quit smoking could become one of the state's most cost-effective healthcare policies, at least in one doctor's opinion.

Hospital-Aquired Infection Rates Go Public

The Lund Report
Results of the state’s first-ever public report of hospital-acquired infections show Oregon facilities outperform the national average
May 24, 2010 -- Oregon hospitals outperformed the national average last year in two types of common infections, based on the state’s first public report of its kind released today some two and half years after the legislature called for it.

How Legacy Reduced Infections 40 Percent

The Lund Report
For the past two years, Legacy Health System has seriously reduced harm
May 12, 2010 -- When Jodi Joyce, vice president of quality and patient safety for Legacy Health System, testified before the House Health Care Committee in February, she delivered a startling fact.

Infection Rate Reporting Lacks Validation, Yet

The Lund Report
A team of public health officials plan to verify what hospitals are reporting is accurate
May 12, 2010 -- When Oregon officials release the state’s first-ever public report on hospital-acquired infections later this month, chances are it won’t represent the true number of cases. In fact, it probably won’t be even close.


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