Oregon Health Equity Alliance

Hundreds of Thousands of Oregonians’ Health Care is Threatened by Potential Referendum of Medicaid Budget Package

“The Oregon Health Equity Alliance is deeply concerned about recent threats to overturn the Oregon Medicaid funding package that the legislature recently approved. We urge those considering a referendum to stand down and allow this vital health care funding package to become fully implemented.

Legislature May Consider Access to Abortion, Police Profiling, Closing ACA Gaps

The legislative kickoff, held earlier this week, brought together advocates and legislators to discuss proposals for the 2015 session.

The Oregon Health Equity Alliance will introduce six proposals in the 2015 session to improve health, according to its 33-member alliance, among them three priorities to provide healthcare to people left out of the Affordable Care Act.

Health Equity Alliance Brings Public Health to Forefront

The Lund Report
The organization intends to focus on tuition equity for immigrant students, prenatal healthcare and driver’s license restoration next legislative session

December 12, 2012 --At a kickoff event in Northeast Portland, the Oregon Health Equity Alliance announced its legislative priorities for the 2013 session: driver's license restoration, cultural competency for health professionals, data collection in the health sector, tuition equity for immigrant students and prenatal healthcare for all women.

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