Oregon Association of Hospitals

Hospital Association Buckles at Bipartisan Nurse Staffing Legislation

The Oregon Nurses Association says that state-mandated hospital nurse staffing committees are not being taken seriously. Senate Bill 469 would give committee recommendations the force of law and require the Health Authority to conduct compliance audits every five years.

The Oregon Nurses Association laid out its agenda to give teeth to hospital nurse staffing committees on Monday with Senate Bill 469, which gives the recommendations of these labor-management boards the force of law.

Oregon Hospitals Outperform in Second Quarter

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With their finances looking stronger than ever, the hospitals may realize they need to boost their image, so their trade association has launched a public relations push that’s airing on OPB.

Oregon’s hospitals are healthier than ever – with much higher profit margins, and witnessed a stupendous drop in charity care while their net patient revenue soared, regardless of whether they actually billed for services or received capitated payments.

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