Northwest Mothers Milk Bank

Northwest Mothers Milk Bank Meets Fundraising Goal

The Lund Report
Matching campaign will enable the organization to purchase a pasteurizer and start processing small quantities of donor milk

January 2, 2013 -- The Northwest Mothers Milk Bank is still pressing toward its goal of opening the first human milk processing center in the Northwest – and just completed a matching funds campaign to purchase an automated pasteurizer, said executive co-director Lesley Mondeaux.

Northwest Mother's Milk Bank nearing opening donation goal

The Lund Report
Nationwide, the number of breast milk donations increased by 17 percent in 2011, but advocates say many are still unaware of the practice
August 10, 2012 -- The Northwest Mothers Milk Bank is still inching toward its goal of opening a facility where donated breast milk can be processed and donated back into the community – without the added expense and time involved in shipping donor milk to out-of-state labs to process.
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