Naturopaths Face Legal Challenge from Health Net

The organization representing naturopaths filed a class action lawsuit against Health Net alleging discrimination.

Attorneys representing Health Net are attempting to dismiss a class action lawsuit brought by the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians. But Lara Farr, their executive director, highly doubts they’ll be successful.

Naturopathic Docs Want Bill to Ensure They are Classified as Primary Care

Many patients see a naturopath as their primary care provider and clinics such as ZoomCare use them interchangeably with nurse practitioners. But a quarter of the insurance companies charge special copayments for naturopaths or don’t allow them to bill for preventive services.

The Legislature may be stepping in to settle a dispute between health insurance companies and naturopathic physicians, who argue that the companies are misclassifying many of their providers as speciality care and subjecting patients to hire out-of-pocket fees.

Naturopaths Given Reprieve by Oregon Health Authority

The Lund Report
But patients who want to start seeing naturopathic doctors through the Oregon Health Plan are still out of luck

November 16, 2012 -- Naturopathic doctors are “cautiously optimistic” that they will have a place within Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CCOs) after officials threatened to cut them out of the primary-care system and seemingly ignore non-discrimination language in Senate Bill 1509.

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