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Health Insurance Finances: Slow-Growing Companies Post Strong Results, While Fast-Growing Insurers Struggle

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As Moda Health seeks to find its financial footing, money challenges prompt Health Republic to exit the Oregon market, but Regence BlueCross BlueShield is thriving

This is shaping up to be a tortoise-and-hare year for Oregon’s health insurance companies.

Devlin Says Most New Money in Budget Forecast Already Spoken For

The Oregon Senate’s top budget writer told The Lund Report that much of the $463 million in new revenues for the next budget should go into a reserve fund for 2017-2019, while 40 percent is being dedicated for schools. DHS and OHA will be fully funded, but new programs will need a sustainability check, although savings from CCOs should bolster social services.

The Oregon economic forecast eased pressure on the budgets for health and human services, but other developments, such as the Supreme Court decision striking down public employee pension cuts, should force state lawmakers to be cautious in crafting the 2015-2017 budget, and fall short of the robu

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