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Legislators Tap Tobacco Prevention Account to Fill Budget Gaps

The Lund Report
Advocates wonder if legislators consider tobacco prevention merely lip service

March 15, 2012 -- Facing budget cuts, legislators reduced the amount of money going toward tobacco education and prevention before they adjourned, which set a dangerous precedent, according to advocates.


“Tobacco is one of the major cost drivers to the (healthcare) system,” said Brett Hamilton, executive director of the Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon. “I recognize that Oregon, like the rest of the country, is struggling with the global economic recession and is facing numerous budget challenges for 2011-13.


Confidential Sources Say Salem Health Spending $2.5 Million on Japanese Training

The Lund Report
Hospital executives traveled to Japan recently for an immersion experience in Kaizan, the Japanese term for continuous improvement

March 2, 2012 -- With all the hubbub about Salem Health announcing cutbacks of $30 million recently, it’s interesting to ask what a health system in the Mid-Willamette Valley can learn from a car company in Asia? According to Salem Health Chief Executive Officer, Norman Gruber, whatever it is, it’s worth the trip.

Legislation Intends to Keep Tobacco Away from Minors

The Lund Report
The bill would allow Oregon State Police to hire reserve retired police officers and enforce stare laws banning the sale of tobacco to anyone under age 18

February 24, 2012 -- It’s against the law in Oregon to sell tobacco products to minors, a law that hasn’t been enforced since 2009. House Bill 4172, sponsored by the House Rules Committee and championed by Reps. Carolyn Tomei (D-Milwaukie) and Andy Olson (R-Albany), aims to change that.

The legislation would create the State Police Tobacco Law Enforcement Fund, separate from the general fund, that the Oregon State Police would use to hire active reserve retired state police officers to keep tobacco products out of the hands of minors.

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