Missed Visits, Uncontrolled Pain and Fraud: Report Says Hospice Lacks Oversight

A federal report calls the regulators to ramp up oversight of the industry, citing patients in pain or distress and a lack of care.

Elderly patients spent over two weeks in uncontrolled pain or respiratory distress. Acute care was rare on weekends. And recruiters went door to door pitching fraudulent schemes, luring healthy patients to sign up for hospice in exchange for free housecleaning and medicine.

Care Partners Looks to Diversify, Stay Independent

The non-profit organization is considering offering in-patient hospice and palliative care, and is looking to build partnerships.

Care Partners is looking to expand its geographic territory as well as form partnerships with other independent healthcare organizations. In addition, the organization hopes to deliver services in a new way – offering in-patient hospice care, and palliative care for patients who need round-the-clock care but aren't necessarily candidates for hospice.

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