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Leaders Call for Far-Reaching Changes to Meet Oregon’s Healthcare Workforce Needs

How insurance companies pay providers, how universities work with hospitals, how accrediting bodies set requirements, and how students pay for medical school are all factors in workforce challenges that are especially severe in rural areas.

From family physicians to occupational therapists, Oregon faces a shortage of healthcare professionals – and getting the right people trained and deployed to the communities that need them most will require fresh thinking and new approaches from universities, hospital systems, insurance companies

Workforce Issues, CCO Progress Take Center Stage at Health Policy Board

The board will begin writing administrative rules to reduce friction and confusion in student clinical placements

July 12, 2012 -- The Oregon Health Policy Board voted unanimously Tuesday to give the Oregon Health Authority the power to develop administrative rules for the student healthcare workforce, after a presentation by Lisa Angus and Terri Johanson who argued that nursing and medical students often face a major bureaucratic scramble when dealing with residencies or clinical placements during their education.

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