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Befuddled: Health Reform – Where do all the Delays Leave the Little Guy?

With the delay in the mandate for large employers, the author contends we may just be seeing the tip of iceberg in the myriad of problems with Obamacare.

OPINION – July 11, 2013 -- Last week the Obama administration noted that there would be a number of delays in the implementation of Obamacare. I am not sure why the administration thinks it can pick and choose when it would like to implement certain provisions of the law, but I will leave that to the legal scholars.

The ACA’s Paradoxically Negative Impact on Middle-Income Oregonians

The author realizes that the Affordable Care Act will leave many people, including herself, worse off from a financial perspective

OPINION – September 19, 2012 -- When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was first passed into law (2010) and then when it was largely upheld by this year’s SCOTUS ruling, I was anxiously anticipating that the ACA would not just be providing for improved benefits—but, that it would also be providing at least a degree of some much needed financial relief, through its premium tax credit and cost-sharing subsidy provisions.

The ObamaCare Map

The author, who’s drawn an ObamaCare Map, asks what would happen if the Affordable Care Act is repealed after the November election, and suggests looking at the different routes these potential changes may take us

OPINION – September 12, 2012 -- During the last two years, I have become an avid supporter of ObamaCare. Due to several unforeseen health issues in our family I began taking a closer look at the Affordable Care Act. It had become very clear that the healthcare industry was not necessarily a good fit for everybody, especially for those who found themselves due to job changes between health insurance companies and coverage, or those with pre-existing conditions, or even worse those without any health insurance coverage at all.

Regence: No Pity for Policyholders

With the imposition of an annual deductible of at least $2,500 for those not in a group plan, this customer might have to choose between underinsurance and uninsured

OPINION -- April 25, 2012 -- Regence Blue Cross of Oregon has notified individual subscribers that beginning in October they no longer will be able to buy coverage with a deductible lower than $2,500. The new plan also slashes benefits and raises co-payments and co-insurance.

You thought the Enron guys who joked about victimizing Grandma Millie were bad? To me, Regence Blue Cross of Oregon is even worse.

Constitutionality of Patenting Gene Sequencing Reaches Supreme Court

Its decision could affect whether private companies can charge inflated prices for tests such as the BRCA gene for breast cancer

OPINION -- February 2, 2012 -- The Supreme Court is going to rule on the case of whether it is constitutional for biotech companies to be able to patent gene sequences. This will be a landmark patent case, since currently about 20 percent of the human genome is patented for various diseases. 

If the lower court is overturned, it means that a lot of companies that have spent a lot of money making sure they have exclusive rights to commercialization of treatments and testing for specific disease genes, could stand to lose big.

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