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Consumer Advocates Keep Careful Eye on Essential Health Benefit Workgroup

Determining the state’s benchmark plan for an essential health benefit package is a “narrow” decision to make, but will have major ramifications for Oregon consumers

April 25, 2012—The stakes are high for choosing an insurance plan that will define Oregon’s essential health benefits package, even though the question the recent Governor-appointed essential health benefit workgroup will answer is a wonky one—especially considering that the workgroup will get into the nitty gritty details of comparing insurance plans.

A Tight Timeline for CCO Development Worries Policy Board Members, Advocates

But Dr. Bruce Goldberg said it was critical to get CCOs up and running and for the state to receive additional federal funds

March 19, 2012—The Oregon Health Authority is racing against the clock in order to have coordinated care organizations (CCOs) certified and providing care to Oregon Health Plan patients by August 1st amid growing concern that the tight timeline doesn’t leave enough time for a thorough vetting public process.

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