Hayden Wins Support for Mobile Dental Clinics After Moment of Confusion

House Bill 3139 requires cities to allow nonprofits to set up temporary mobile clinics on private property, like one Rep. Hayden uses to give free dental care. His failed attempts to get approval for these clinics led him to the Legislature, but a fumble nearly killed the bill.

It’s the issue that spurred Republican Rep. Cedric R. Hayden to follow his father, former Rep. Cedric L. Hayden, into politics, just as he had followed him into dentistry.

New “Dental Therapists” Could Help Bridge Oral Healthcare Gap

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If allowed, this position would function like physician assistants in the medical world.

Communities across the country and here in the Pacific Northwest are working to improve access to dental care by creating a new dental profession: dental therapists.

Coos Bay Group Seeks to Eliminate Childhood Dental Disease

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Cavity Free Coos Bay is assessing all school children in the district for dental health

January 6, 2012 – A coalition led by Dr. Dane Smith in Coos Bay County is determined to  eliminate dental disease among its children.  

“I’ve heard it said that holes in people’s teeth reflect holes in their heart, and I think there’s truth to that,” said Smith, an oral surgeon in Brookings. “People who have high self-esteem and high expectations for their lives have fewer cavities.” That’s why it takes a whole community to address the issue.

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