EDITORIAL: The Fight Continues

The Lund Report
We agree that the bill is a good first step but falls short on controlling costs
March 25, 2010 -- When The Lund Report began almost a full year ago in April 2009, the national healthcare debate had just started to boil over. Throughout the summer and into the fall we covered angry town hall meetings, street protests and arrests.

State, National Lawmakers Scrutinize Hospital Costs

The Lund Report
State Rep. Mitch Greenlick calls for a global budget for Oregon hospitals, while U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley strengthens the IRS rules
March 25, 2010 -- Despite an influx of new dollars flowing into Medicare because of Congressman Peter DeFazio’s leadership, hospital costs are coming under the radar screen like never before at the state and national level.

Health Insurers Increase Profits 32 Percent

The Lund Report
Whether Oregon health insurers were profitable or not last year largely depended on the stock market
March 17, 2010 -- Investment gains for Oregon’s eight largest health insurers were about the only thing keeping consumers’ premiums from climbing even higher this year.

Small Businesses Face Brunt of Insurance Hikes

The Lund Report
State regulators approve rate requests for Regence and HealthNet, while other requests are pending

February 10, 2010 -- The Oregon Insurance Division approved a 16 percent rate increase on Regence individual health plans renewing after April and a 12.2 percent increase on HealthNet small group plans.

Regence, in its filing for a rate increase on individual plans, had asked for a 25.3 percent hike affecting up to 70,000 people.

Insurers, Consumers Battle Over Public Disclosure

The Lund Report
Under the proposed rule, financial information considered confidential by insurance companies would be made public when they request a rate increase
February 4, 2010 -- A tug of war is under way between health insurers and consumer advocates over disclosure, and the decision rests in the hands of Oregon’s Insurance Division.

Advocates Can Help Lower Hospital Bills

The Lund Report
Errors can result from using the wrong computer code to charging people for tests that weren’t performed
February 4, 2010 -- A niche industry in Oregon has sprouted up to help consumers negotiate expensive and sometimes erroneous medical bills.

A Reform Wish List

The Lund Report
From the front lines of patient advocacy
February 4, 2010 -- Though the national debate over healthcare reform is far from over, most sympathizers now agree on common objectives, including universal access to quality care at an affordable cost, a focus on prevention, evidence-based medicine, electronic medical records, and a patient-c

Health Reform Needs to Focus on Controlling Costs

The Lund Report
Any reform needs to tackle hospitals and specialty care, says Providence CEO

January 14, 2010 -- Despite pronouncements by Congress, reforming the health insurance industry won’t curb escalating costs unless politicians confront the provider delivery system, according to Jack Friedman, CEO of Providence Health Plans.


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