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Cigarette Tax Raises Money to Help Bring Mentally Ill Home to Community

As much as $20 million in private funding could be leveraged with a $5 million state investment in new housing for people with mental illness, opening up spots for people stuck in more institutional settings like the Oregon State Hospital. The money would also relieve pressure on the state rental market, since state policy will limit the units for people with disabilities to 20 percent of the apartment complexes, allowing them to blend in with the general population.

With every pack they buy, Oregon smokers may be inadvertently working to reduce the state’s housing shortage while helping the state move people with mental illnesses back into their home communities.

House Passes Bill Allowing County Cigarette Taxes

Rep. Mitch Greenlick tells The Lund Report he would like the threat of county-by-county taxes to be used as leverage for a statewide cigarette tax increase, which would still assist county health departments.


April 5, 2013 — Oregon counties are one step closer to adopting their own cigarette taxes, after the House voted 31-29 to remove a statute from state law that precludes any entity but the state from taxing tobacco.

Troubled Oregon Counties Turn to Cigarette Tax for Public Health

The House Revenue Committee heard two cigarette tax measures last week — one raising the cigarette tax by $1 to $2.18, the other opening the door for Oregon counties to enact their own taxes


March 18, 2013 — Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick told the House Revenue Committee Friday that the state of Oregon trusts local governments to do a lot of things — arrest people, put them in jail, set zoning ordinances, raise property taxes, even generate income taxes.

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