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Red Cross Favors Amending Blood Donation Policy by Gay and Bisexual Men

The Lund Report
The FDA maintains that gay and bisexual men should not be allowed to donate blood, but the Red Cross believes there should only be a 12 month deferral
August 10, 2012 -- The American Red Cross is reporting a shortage of blood donations nationwide, with a local chapter campaigning aggressively to get more people in to give.

Local Organization Wants Ban Lifted on Gays Donating Blood

The Lund Report
The Food and Drug Administration has considered lifting the ban in the past but hasn’t taken any action

December 8, 2011—Turning away gay men who’d like to donate blood is a practice the American Red Cross’s Pacific Northwest regional office would like to change.

“We definitely would like to see the ban lifted and or changed,” said Daphne Mathew, the American Red Cross’s regional spokesperson. “It could increase our donations,”

Blood shortages are common in the Pacific Northwest, Mathew said, especially during the holiday season.

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