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OHSU Prescribes ABA for Autistic Kids, but Keeps Treatment from Employees

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President Joe Robertson said OHSU will comply voluntarily with proposed legislation from Sen. Chip Shields that mandates the medical school’s self-insured plan provide coverage in 2015. A second part of the bill corrects an oversight in an earlier autism bill and brings OHSU, OEBB and PEBB under the 2005 Oregon Mental Health Parity Act.

Editor's Note: This article was corrected from an earlier version. Only the self-insured plans offered by OHSU and PEBB are exempt from the autism law passed last year.


Judge in Autism Case Allows Class Action Against Providence

The Lund Report
The decision allows the plaintiff’s attorneys to represent hundreds of Providence Health Plan members in the legal suit about the insurance company’s decision to deny applied behavior analysis. A ruling on the merits of the case could come this spring.

Federal District Judge Michael H. Simon has approved the class-action status for autism advocates in their legal fight against Providence Health Plan over coverage of applied behavior analysis.

Autism Coverage Doubtful for Older Kids on Oregon Health Plan

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Applied behavior analysis has been used most prominently in younger children, but experts testify that less-intensive treatment could provide relief to older kids with autism as well.
An evidence subpanel of the powerful Health Evidence Review Commission appeared poised last week to recommend applied behavior analysis for younger kids on the Oregon Health Plan, but at the same time stuck to denying treatment for children older than 12.

Autism Treatment for Oregon Health Plan Faces Hurdles, But Approval for Some Kids Likely

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Applied behavior analysis has been rejected for coverage by a state evidence-based medicine panel once before, but the Legislature has passed a law requiring private insurance companies to cover the therapy, forcing the state to reconsider its decision.


September 16, 2013 -- Autism advocates presented their case for applied behavior analysis last week to an Oregon evidence-based medicine review panel, whose recommendation can make or break the ability of autistic Oregonians to receive the therapy under the Oregon Health Plan.

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