Mental Health Provider

Organization/Company Name: 
Woodburn Pediatric Clinic
Position Description: 

Woodburn Pediatric Clinic is a tier 4 primary care facility with a long-standing commitment to both the physical and behavioral/psychological health of all our patients. We serve a low-income community that is about 60% Hispanic, 40% Anglo. We are a Rural Health qualified facility.  

Woodburn Pediatric Clinic has maintained an active behavioral and mental health program for over 30 years.  Our practice involves evaluation and management of children and adolescents with ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders and autistic spectrum disorders.  

Currently, we have one physician who spends all his clinical time at behavioral health.  We are seeking a second provider to assist with the clinical responsibilities and who will assume full responsibility in 2021 when our physician will retire.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Consult and collaborate with primary care providers on the assessment and treatment of psychological and behavioral disorders in our patients.

-In children and adolescents with chronic conditions such as ADHD, the mental health provider does a comprehensive initial assessment, initiates medication management, provides ongoing treatment including behavioral treatments.  We maintain active coordination with local schools.

-In children and adolescents with more serious or chronic anxiety and mood disorders, the mental health provider does assessments and management of appropriate medication regimens.  We coordinate with counseling services in our area.

-Provide psychopharmacological consultation for primary care providers within their scope of practice.

-Provide consultation and training to clinic staff in all areas of mental health.

-Reviews clinical interventions and case documentation with the Behavioral Health Director. Participate in staff meetings, training, case conferences and peer review process.  

Position Type: 
Full Time
Required Qualifications and Experience: 

1-3 years of directly related experience, including background in behavioral medicine, health psychology or other relevant areas.

Experience working with children/adolescents.

Required Education and / or Certifications: 

Education: MD/DO or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Licenses/Certifications: Must hold a current, non-restricted license to practice in the state of Oregon

Where Will Work Be Performed?: 
Same as the Employer Address