Lincoln Community Health Center FQHC Director

Organization/Company Name: 
Lincoln County
Position Description: 

Your job in the department is to . . .
Provide oversight, administration, and general supervision of the Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC) and its employees under the scope of the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Provide direct supervision of the Deputy Directors as well as administrative authority over staffing issues and disciplinary outcomes. Provide support to the Lincoln Community Health Council and acts as liaison between the Council and the Center staff.

Your job also involves . . .
Directing and evaluating programs and functions of the Scope of the Lincoln County FQHC in accordance with state statutes, federal laws, administrative rules, identified health needs of the community, and the Department of Health and Human Services and Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) policies and requirements in compliance with the HRSA grant.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

Sets Strategy and vision for FQHC with the governing board, leadership team, staff, customers, and community. Make policy and program decisions: 
Lead a FQHC that includes primary care, four school-based health centers, and behavioral health. 
Build a quality improvement (QI) culture that empowers staff at all levels of the organization, encourages continual learning, professional development, and strives for excellence.  Model behaviors and values that contribute to the QI culture. Use data to make decisions. 
Assist in the development and implementation of department policies and procedures, analyze legislation which may affect program activities, and review operation for compliance with local, state, and federal statutes, rules and regulations. 
Participate in community, state, regional, and national associations and organizations to strengthen collaboration and maintain knowledge of emerging health care practices. 
Ensure a strong risk management program to protect the Center against unnecessary risk of exposure. 

Set budget for the FQHC. This includes: 
Prepare required grant applications and budgets to ensure sound financial management and an optimum efficiency of operations. 
Negotiate all contracts, grants, and agreements with local, region, state, and federal partners for the FQHC.
Plan for future capital and funding needs. 
Oversight of the HHS Assistant Finance Director and other county finance partners to prepare financial reports for the monthly meeting of the FQHC governing Council. 

Responsible for monitoring and ensuring high-quality clinical services and sustainable financial operations for the FQHC.

Oversee recruitment and workforce development for FQHC:
Determine personnel requirements, review applications, interview, and hire FQHC personnel; may delegate this responsibility to supervisory staff. 
Provide direct supervision of the Deputy Directors and administrative authority over staffing issues and disciplinary outcomes. 
Review and give performance evaluations, makes salary recommendations, and resolve personnel problems beyond the responsibility of supervisory staff. 

Position Function: 
Position Type: 
Full Time
Salary Ranges from $7,228 to $9,714 monthly. Salary is negotiable based on experience and education.

High Deductible Health Plan for Medical and Vision Coverage. 
Dental Coverage
11% County Contribution into 401K
County Contribution into a Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP)
Fully Funded Health Savings Account (HSA)
$40,000 County Paid Life Insurance and Accidental Death Policy
10 Paid Holidays Per Year
Generous PTO, earning 22 hours per month
Employee Assistance Programs


Required Qualifications and Experience: 

Minimum Education Level
Specifics: Degree in public health, nursing, mental health, health care administration, or related fields.

Minimum Experience Level
Four-Five years
Specifics: experience in community health clinic administration or other related health care setting, with at least two years’ experience at a FQHC or look-alike. Experience working with empowered Boards, political bodies, and community organizations.

Substitution Note:  Any equivalent combination of experience, education, and training as it relates to the position as determined by the FQHC governing council and the Board of Commissioners.

Desirable Qualifications:  
Master’s degree in public health, nursing, mental health, health care administration, or related fields is preferred

Knowledge of:
•    Principles of quality health care practices covered by FQHC Scope, both primary care and behavioral health services and the integration of these services.
•    Principles of compliance and risk management as well as the policies and requirements of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and HRSA.
•    Statutes, rules, and codes governing FQHCs, primary care clinics, and behavioral health clinics.
•    Principles and practices of FQHC administration including organizational development, program, budget, and personnel management.
•    Analysis of operations to improve productivity and capacity.
•    Writing and administrating governmental grants.
•    Electronic Health Record systems.
•    Public relations and marketing activities.

Skill or ability to:
•    Determine short- and long-term strategic planning strategies to move the FQHC forward by creating a vision for the future, setting goals, creating and implementing action plans, and evaluating the process and results.
•    Possess considerable initiative and judgment in formulating policies, planning and analyzing health care activities, and selecting personnel.
•    Assess situations to determine the level of importance and risk and take timely action to protect the interests of the FQHC and the population it serves.
•    Design and implement fiscal systems, policy guidelines, and organization goals.
•    Analyze complex issues and devise practical solutions.
•    Plan and implement health care initiatives.
•    Coordinate department activities with government and community organizations.
•    Create a strong working relationship with staff and lead with respect by building a positive work culture.
•    Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the FQHC and those it serves.
•    Work and supervise effectively with medical staff, support personnel and other staff members.
•     Convey information, ideas, and facts both orally and in writing to supervisors, colleagues, and individuals, inside and outside the county, using language and a format the audience will best understand.  
•    Utilize computers and other technology to communicate in written and verbal forms (e.g., word processing, texts, emails, spreadsheets, department-specific software).
•    Effectively relate well with others, including supervisors, colleagues, and individuals inside and outside the county. Exhibit a professional manner in dealing with others and working to maintain constructive working relationships.  
•    Take personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work. Show up to work on time, and follows instructions, policies, and procedures. Meet productivity standards, deadlines, and work schedules

Required Education and / or Certifications: 

Driver’s License
Oregon Driver's License required
Specifics: Must obtain within 30 days of appointment

210 SW 2nd St
Newport, OR 97365-3816
Where Will Work Be Performed?: 
To Be Determined
Application deadline: 
Friday, October 1, 2021