Portland VA To Add 200 Medical Staffers

The Portland Veterans Administration will receive nearly $34 million dollars to increase staffing at its facilities around Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The Portland VA will use the funds to hire an additional 200 medical personnel.

Daniel Herrigstad, a spokesman with the agency, said the money comes with strict guidelines.

“It’s specifically earmarked toward hiring direct patient care staff to improve the access for veterans for primary care, mental health and specialty care services," he said.

The positions are especially helpful because the Portland VA is the fastest growing facility of its kind in the country, Herrigstad said.

“The average rate of growth for new veterans coming into a facility nationwide is below two percent, I believe it’s about 1.7 percent, so we’re over three times the growth rate," he said.

The federal funds are part of the Choice Act, which President Obama signed into law last August.

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