Oregon's Booming CBD Market Readies For A Crackdown

The market for the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis — CBD — is growing rapidly.

But there’s concern its medical effects are being oversold.

CBD is marketed for everything from back pain to multiple sclerosis, and often appears in products like creams and chocolates.

Speaking on OPB’s "Think Out Loud," attorney Amy Margolis said the cannabis market is exploding.

“We’re seeing CBD oil that's being imported. We’re seeing CBD oil that’s being derived from hemp that’s cultivated here. And everywhere we turn, we’re seeing new CBD products; we see them on Amazon, we see them in grocery stores," Margolis said. "But because nobody’s tracking that information, it’s hard for us to grasp the enormity of the market.”

Still, Margolis is expecting a regulatory crackdown over all the medical claims being made for CBD.

“I think we’ll see this backlash happen in two places. From state departments of justice and I then think we’ll see that on a federal level, assuming we don’t see some other broad action to help regulate it,” she said.

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