Oregon State Hospital patients settle into Junction City and Salem campuses; Portland campus closes

Today was a historic day for Oregon State Hospital, with the last 57 patients of its Portland campus transferring to the facility in Salem. The patients are moving into units recently vacated when the new Oregon State Hospital campus in Junction City opened March 11.

Oregon State Hospital provides intensive psychiatric treatment for adults with severe mental illness. Patients from throughout the state receive 24-hour on-site services that help them stabilize and successfully transition back to their lives in the community.

Today's move was the last in a series that began in January 2011 when the first patients moved to the new building in Salem. In 2007, the Oregon Legislature authorized construction of two new psychiatric facilities, one in Salem and one in Junction City. The successful completion of both locations culminates 10 years of planning and development.

The new facilities were designed to provide a therapeutic environment and support the active treatment necessary for people to recover from mental illness. The new building in Salem has the capacity to serve up to 620 people, and the new building in Junction City can serve up to 174.

The closure of the Oregon State Hospital site in Portland will not affect the ability of people in the Portland metro area to receive hospital-level psychiatric care. The state hospital will continue to admit patients from throughout Oregon.

The Oregon State Hospital campus in Salem will take possession of the archived medical records of patients who received services at the Portland campus. Former patients who wish to obtain copies of their medical records should mail or fax their request to:

Oregon State Hospital

Health Information Department

Room B01-252

2600 Center Street NE

Salem, OR 97301

Fax: 503-945-9855


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