Oregon Says Its Plan Could End HIV Infections By 2021

Oregonians have a 1 in 200 chance of being diagnosed with HIV, according to the CDC.

But the Oregon Health Authority thinks that by focusing on three key strategies, all new infections can be stopped by 2021.

Dr. Sean Schafer with the Public Health Division said the first strategy is get more testing for the infection done in the state.

“Testing’s easy. Everyone has an HIV status. You’re either positive or you’re negative and you should know it," Schafer said. "When people know their status, they immediately take steps to avoid infecting others. And they start medical treatment.”

Only 35 percent of Oregonians have been tested.

The two other strategies are prevention — that is, high risk individuals taking a pill to stop them passing-on the virus — and treatment. Thanks to modern drugs, individuals who get early treatment can lead long lives.

Health departments are applying for grants to help cover any extra cost.

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