Environmental links to breast cancer tops focus of $42 million in new Susan G. Komen Research Funding in 2013
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Environmental links to breast cancer tops focus of
$42 million in new Susan G. Komen Research Funding in 2013


Portland, OR – August 1, 2013 - Susan G. Komen today announced $4.5 million in research funding to more fully understand the role that environmental issues play in breast cancer development.

The grants will be part of Komen’s $42 million 2013 research portfolio, which includes $225,000 in new funding to researchers at the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University. This award brings Komen’s total research investment in Oregon to almost $11.3 million.

The 2013 Oregon research grant of $225,000 to Komen Scholar Joe Gray, Ph.D., of Oregon Health & Science University will investigate novel methods of controlling and combating metastatic breast cancer.  Dr. Gray’s research will explore two aspects of treatment: 1) how to target a tumor’s microenvironment, lessening its ability to escape treatment; and 2) how to exploit the inherent genomic instability of basal breast cancers,

such as triple negative.

Komen’s Oregon and SW Washington Commitment

“Komen’s investment in Oregon and SW Washington now totals almost $29 million – including $11.3 million for research, and $17.4 million for screening, education and survivor support for women and their families across our region,” said Thomas Bruner,
CEO of Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington.  “Our supporters help us serve our communities here at home, while also fueling breakthrough research across the country and around the world.  They are helping us save lives and end breast cancer forever.”

Research Grants for Environmental Links to Breast Cancer

The five environmental grants for 2013 include separate studies on the impact of radiation exposure on breast cancer development during screening and treatment; pollutants in areas where cancer rates are disproportionately high; the impact of air pollution on breast cancer development, and the role of synthetic chemicals called phthalates.

The new environmental grants will build on nearly $14 million that Komen has already funded through 38 grants to more fully understand the role of toxins and other environmental factors - including diet, weight, exercise and alcohol use - that may contribute to breast cancer.  Komen Chief Mission Officer Chandini Portteus said that the environmental grants are just one element in Komen’s more than $790 million research program – the largest breast cancer research investment of any nonprofit outside of the U.S. government.

“These environmental studies will add to our understanding of how breast cancer develops,” Portteus said. “At the same time, Komen will continue to fund research along the entire cancer spectrum – from prevention, to better screening, more personalized treatments for metastatic disease, and ending disparities in outcomes for women of color and those without adequate
access to healthcare,” Portteus said.

About Susan G. Komen®

Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Suzy, she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer. Today, Susan G. Komen® works to end breast cancer in the U.S. and throughout the world by investing more than $790 million in breast cancer research and $1.5 billion in community outreach programs over the past 30 years; providing funding to help low-income and uninsured women get screened and get treatment; advocating for cancer research and outreach programs; and working globally in more than 30 countries.

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Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington—along with those who generously support us with their talent, time and resources—is working to better the lives of those facing breast cancer in our community. We join more than two million breast cancer survivors and activists around the globe as part of the world’s largest and most progressive grassroots network fighting breast cancer. Komen has invested almost $29 million to fund breast cancer research, screening, education and survivor support. Join our promise by calling 503-552-9160 or visiting us online at komenoregon.org.



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