Oregon Nutrition Council Helps Keep Kids Healthy

The council under the Department of Human Services has started a Facebook page to stay in touch

January 6, 2010 -- As parents and public health leaders become increasingly concerned about childhood obesity, which is quickly becoming the nations top health risk, Oregon is taking the lead in promoting children’s health and giving parents some tools that can help.

The Nutrition Council of Oregon is ramping up its statewide Too Many Ads: Marketing Junk Food to Kids campaign, knowing that parents want to keep their children healthy in 2010. One of the focuses of the campaign is making parents aware of the massive number of junk food advertisements that children are bombarded with.
“According to a recent study, over 70% of television food commercials are for sugary cereals, sweets, high fat food, sugar-added beverages and convenience or fast foods,” says Jennifer Young, nutrition and physical activity coordinator for Oregon Public Health Division’s Office of Family Health, “Children’s networks have the highest percentage of food-related commercials, approximately one every eight minutes.”
The Nutrition Council of Oregon launched the Too Many Ads: Marketing Junk Food to Kids campaign in October 2009. Since then, they have distributed 5,000 posters and 9,200 bookmarks throughout Oregon urging parents to help their children make good nutritional choices, despite getting barraged by advertising. The campaign also includes 200 ads on Tri-Met buses and trains that will run through December, as well as a Too Many Ads Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TooManyAds) that has more than 750 fans, more than any parenting group in Oregon.
“We’re partnering with the public libraries to help parents fight back in 2010,” says Young. “We really want to give parents the tools they need to keep their children healthy by teaching them about advertising and helping them to choose foods wisely.”
Anyone who wants to order Too Many Ads posters or bookmarks can contact Mary Rhode (971-673-0045).
The Nutrition Council of Oregon urges parents to help their children make good choices and develop good eating habits that can last a lifetime.
They give these three suggestions:
• Offer children healthy food choices;
• Limit TV and computer time;
• Teach kids to be media literate and understand the tactics advertisers use.
The Nutrition Council of Oregon is a group of nutrition professionals representing public health, academic settings, nutrition and food programs, and non-profit organizations interested in promoting the health of Oregonians through healthy food choices. To learn more about food marketing to kids or helping your children make healthy food choices visit



A child is a future of the country as well as all the other development factors too. If you want children to remain healthy than certainly the nutrients comes in the first phase and this is seriously important too. It is good to hear that Council has used social media site in order to connect with the people. I have already limited my children PC time and and offering the home made good nutrient food consisting of good value of healthy food. I don't believe in TV commercials that appears and similarly I think these things should be seriously inspected by the government before bringing to media. Get your healthy food coupons Now...

It was about time something have been done regarding kids junk food. My son is only three months old and right now I am feeding him soy baby formula only, but I am terrified when I think that soon I won't be able to keep him away from all the junk food around him. In a few years he will be going to school and will be able to make his own food decisions,till then I just hope I'll teach him well enough to stay away from any unhealthy food.