Oregon Health Insurance Cheaper Than National Average, For Now

Health insurance premiums in Oregon are lower than the national average, according to new numbers from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — but that may not last.

Some Oregonians were shocked last week when health insurance companies like Moda and Providence asked for rate increases of about 30 percent for next year for the individual marketplace.

But Kathy Hempstead with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, said the companies are just catching-up with national pricing.

“Even though you might have felt like you had sort of a lot of price increase between 2015 and 2016, the Oregon market is still kind of under priced, compared to the national market,” she said.

The Oregon Consumer Department will analyze the proposed new rates over the next two months, to make sure they’re sustainable.

About 70 percent of Oregonians who don’t get insurance through their jobs are eligible for tax credits to help reduce the cost.

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