OHSU Goes Rogue

Oregon Health and Science University goes where no hospital has dared to go: Support a 4 percent revenue tax

April 7, 2009 -- Thus far hospitals across the state are following the lead of the state’s hospital association led by President Andy Davidson, even though smaller rural hospitals wouldn't face a provider tax.

“Small hospitals have said, we don’t work in isolation,” Earls said. “We depend on the large hospitals to help handle our most complex cases. Some help train staff; do referrals and important patient care relationships. It would be foolish for us to do something that damages those hospitals.”

The association has made no secret about its opposition to a 4 percent tax on revenues and, instead, has proffered an alternative known as a claims tax.

Yet one hospital has broken from the team and supports the 4 percent tax: Oregon Health and Science University. It's taken that stance because of its  unique position as an academic health center and commitment to expand access, said spokesman Tim Kringen.

“OHSU kind of occupies a unique place so it’s pretty understandable we might come down on this a little differently,” said Kringen, adding that OHSU officials are still working with legislators to make certain they don't  suffer a loss in revenue. 

Take Action

See the hospital by hospital cost impact analysis to a proposed provider tax by healthcare economist John McConnell PhD.
See the hospital association’s own set of analysis and alternative proposal here.
Call your legislator by dialing 503-986-1187 within Salem and 1-800-332-2313 outside Salem.