New Health Boards Seek Members

Nominees for the new Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Health Policy Board must be received by August 7

On June 11, Oregon's Legislature passed historic health reform legislation in House Bill 2009. In particular, HB 2009 creates an Oregon Health Authority (OHA), which is responsible for streamlining and aligning state health purchasers and programs to maximize efficiency as well as organize state health policy and health services.

The OHA is ultimately responsible for implementing health reform policies and programs to make health care accessible and affordable for all Oregonians.

The bill also establishes a nine-member Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB), appointed by the Governor. The OHPB will serve as the policy-making and oversight body for the Oregon Health Authority and is responsible for improving the health care delivery system (access, cost, quality) as well as improving the health of Oregonians by developing state public health goals, strategies, programs and performance standards.
The Governor is now seeking nominations and suggestions for Board members who are committed to a Healthy Oregon and to providing access to quality affordable health care to all Oregonians.

In order to establish a Board that bests represents Oregon, nominees must be individuals who:

1. Are citizens of the United States and are residents of Oregon.

2. Have demonstrated leadership skills in their professional and civic lives.

3. Represent, to the greatest extent possible, various geographic, ethnic, gender, racial and economic diversity of the state.

4. Collectively offer expertise, knowledge and experience in consumer advocacy, management of a company that offers health insurance to its employees, public health, finance, organized labor, health care and operation of a small business.

No more than four members of the Board may be individuals:

Whose household incomes, during the individuals’ tenure on the Board or during the 12-month period prior to appointment, come from health care or from a health care related field; or who receive benefits from a publicly funded state health benefit plan.

No more than four members of the Board may be individuals:
Employed in a health care or health care related field during the individuals’ tenure on the Board or during the 12-month period prior to appointment.

At least one member of the Board must have an active license to provide health care in Oregon.

Board members must be Senate-confirmed, the term of office is four years, and each member serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

If you are interested please submit an interest form, Board Interest Form no later than August 7, 2009.

If you would like to recommend someone, please submit their name, address, a brief background statement and contact information to us at the following email address: [email protected].