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Together we can create a better healthcare system

November 12, 2009 -- I’m passionate about telling the truth about our healthcare system, and I’m not afraid of stepping on big toes. That’s why I created The Lund Report.

I believe it’s essential to have reliable and accurate information -- otherwise how can we hope to achieve meaningful reform?
The response has been amazing. More than 12,000 people have read our stories since The Lund Report launched in April, and the numbers climb every time we sent a new e-mail alert.
I’m committed to telling you what goes on behind the scenes – stories you won’t find elsewhere – such as the salaries of key insurance executives and hospital profit margins.     
As editor-in-chief, I do not accept a salary or other forms of compensation. And I adamantly refuse to accept money from the healthcare industry or paid advertisements.
Our money is spent on professional freelance journalists who do the reporting and on web hosting.
You might be asking yourself, “Why does Diane do this?”
Here’s the answer: I firmly believe we need to create a more accountable and transparent healthcare system, and we can only achieve that goal by giving people the one tool that truly makes a difference: the truth.
The Lund Report exists because of you – our readers. Now I’m counting on you to shape the dialogue through your donations and your voices. I want to hear from you.
And share your story ideas, your experiences with our healthcare system. I promise not to print your name without your approval.
You can either send a check to The Lund Report at POB 82841, Portland OR 97282 or use your credit card by clicking here. And your donation is considered tax deductible because the IRS has granted non-profit tax exempt status to The Lund Report.
Thanks for your support. Together we CAN create a better healthcare system!